The 2021 BERWICK SHOW GOES ON-line – A Successful Show!

This year it appeared a little different to most, for obvious reasons as we do what we can to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Two of the most traditional section sub committees, the Cattle and Sheep were able to rally and put on their normal stock show together at Akoonah Park. At first glance everything looked to be very normal. Looking closer an important component was notably missing, the buzz of the public.

Entries were down in both sections as would be expected, but the weather was fine, the stock beautifully prepared, judges alert and fellowship at a max.

Well done to the organisers, the winners, all other exhibitors, the school children and Ag teachers who made the day a success.

I must also mention just how delighted we were to have the Balmoral Scottish Highland Dancing competition performed on Saturday as well. The girls and parents added much charm and elegance and dancing prowess to the day.

Some thank you’s –

To the City of Casey, for their generous grant that enable Saturday and the virtual events to be staged. Also for the assistance given to navigate the minefield of Covid-19 conditions, that needed to be considered throughout the year.

To those who gave donations and trophies and their valuable time and skills to bring the event to fruition.

To the Committee that have contributed through Zoom meetings for most of  the lead up to bring the 2021 show to life.

There was one point mid 2020, the BSS Committee had to make the decision to battle on as was done by the previous committees facing unknown constraints. We though, unlike those during the WWI and WWII, had the advantage of current social media platforms.

The Art and Craft, Cooking, Poultry, Photography and Horticulture all feature on-line as a Virtual Show. Thank you to the tech staff that have made it possible, and all those in our local and overseas communities that took the opportunity to stay connected. We have all learnt something and will use that knowledge to bring other events to the community throughout the year.

All in all we did our best, and I look forward to the current Committee giving support as they always do, I also look forward to new sections being evolved and new people out in the general community doing what they can to bring an entertaining and rewarding event to Berwick and surrounding Districts in February 2022.

Paul Hamilton


Livestock Winners 2021


Our History

The Berwick Show Society has a long and proud association with agricultural competition in Victoria, tracing its history back through the Mornington Farmers Society to the founding body in Victoria, the Port Phillip Farmers Society which was established in 1848.

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The City of Casey is proud to be the major sponsor of the Berwick Show.