2024 BERWICK SHOW Trade Terms and Conditions




All Traders must submit an application through Stall Manager and upload the required documents.  

Exhibitors must list all product lines/services that they wish to display or sell.

Every effort is made to ensure there are no exhibitors with similar product lines in the immediate vicinity. If there is a number of site holders offering the same product, applications will be accepted at the discretion of the Show Society.

Please note: Acceptance of Application is not guaranteed.



Proof must be provided of the applicant’s current (as at February 25th 2024)

cover for Public Liability Insurance. A copy of your Certificate of Currency for your Public Liability Insurance must be uploaded with your application.

The Berwick & District Agricultural & Horticultural Society Inc. is not responsible for any loss of, damage to, or theft of, an applicant’s property, whilst on the Showgrounds.

All applicants must carry their own Insurance Cover for loss of, damage to, and theft

of, any of their property.

  • A First Aid site is available on the grounds – for all users of the event.
  • If you require urgent assistance, please call 000 and then contact the Trade Space Supervisor, Information Booth or Secretary’s Office.

All traders must comply with the current Coronavirus restrictions on Show weekend.

For more information on current restrictions, please visit:

Stallholders must have the following:
– A COVID-safe plan (refer
– Hand sanitiser

  1. SITES
  • All marquees, vans, and stands used by stall holders must be of a standard acceptable to

the Show Committee and comply with OH&S standards eg. ALL marquees must be weighted down to the manufacturers’ specifications.

  • Stall holders must provide their own marquees, tables, chairs, etc.

Trestles are available for indoor stall holders only as discussed prior with the Trade Space Supervisor.

  • Sub-letting of sites is definitely not permitted.
  • Stall-holders are required to operate on both days of the Show unless prior agreement with the Trade Space Supervisor.
  • All stall sites must be set up before 8.00 am on the Saturday and Sunday mornings

of the Show and be manned until at least 8.00 pm on the Saturday and 4.00 pm on

Sunday, unless prior arrangement with Trade Space Supervisor.

  • Site holders must continually keep their areas clean of debris, packing material, etc. and place all waste in the bins provided.
  • Every effort is to be made to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle materials.
  • All tent weights, guy ropes, all vehicles and vans including drawbar (where permitted), must be within your site dimensions.
  • No vehicles may be parked on the trade site unless they form part of the stand

and this has been pre-arranged with the Trade Space Supervisor.

  • To comply with OH&S and Risk Management, there will be NO VEHICLE MOVEMENT permitted on the grounds after 9 am and before agreed closing time unless escorted by prior arrangement. Contact the Trade Supervisor to arrange escort.
  • Only those items listed on the Trade Space Application Form will be permitted to be sold. Items not listed on the application form cannot be sold, demonstrated or given away during the show.
  • Raffle tickets may not be sold without prior permission from Show management.

Our Society aims to promote a family atmosphere and entertainment. We request that site holders respect the spirit and refrain from selling and exhibiting items of explicit and obscene nature or items promoting or referring to prohibited substances. The Society reserves the right to request that a site holder remove any item deemed to contravene this condition.  If you are unsure about any item you may wish to exhibit, contact the Trade Space Supervisor.

Unacceptable items: includes but not limited to: • Items that fire projectiles • All Balloons • Spray cans of paint


The Berwick & District Agricultural & Horticultural Society Inc is committed to child safety and wellbeing.  To ensure this occurs, all those with “direct and consistent” access to children will be required to provide a Working with Children Check card.

If this is the case for your trade, please upload a copy of your Working with Children Check when submitting your application.


Security Guards are on site on Friday evening & Saturday evening. Goods (commercial stock) and personal items are the responsibility of the Trade exhibitor. Whilst the Society takes every care, we accept no responsibility for loss or damage sustained whilst on the grounds.

  • There is only a limited number of Food Stall sites.
  • All Food Stalls at the 2024 Berwick Show must have a:
  • current Certificate of Registration of Food Premises, from your own Council
  • Statement of Trade (FoodTrader)

These documents will need to be uploaded online with your application via Stall Manager link found on Berwick Show website.

  • All staff must have a current Food Handlers Certificate.
  • All food stall holders must comply with the Victoria’s Smoke-free Outdoor Dining



  • Showmen’s Food Lines – The following food lines, including ‘Dagwood Dogs, Waffles,

Toffee Apples, Fairy Floss” are restricted to the Showmen’s Guild sales only.

Vendors selling these products outside the Guild will be asked to remove them.




From 1 February 2023, the Victorian Government has banned the sale and supply of

single-use plastic:

  • drinking straws
  • cutlery (including knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, sporks, splades, food picks)


  • drink-stirrers and sticks
  • expanded polystyrene food and drink containers including plates, cups, bowls, clam shells and any cover or lid.
  • cotton bud sticks.

For more information refer to

We encourage all stall holders to be familiar with the City of Casey Reducing Single-use Plastics information.



An administration fee will be retained for cancellations made 3 weeks prior to the Show. Exhibitors cancelling sites less than 3 weeks before Show day will forfeit all fees if the allocated site is not able to be reallocated to another site holder. During the Show, BSS reserves the right to cancel any commercial site by notice served on an exhibitor.

This permit cancellation may occur:

In the event of an occurrence happening which, in the opinion of the Trade Space Coordinator, justifies such action, including breach of Code Of Conduct.

If the Exhibitor is in breach of any of the Exhibitor’s Rules & Conditions.

If the Exhibitor does not occupy the site(s) at the commencement of and during the full period of the Show.

The Society will not be liable to pay the Exhibitor any compensation, whether on the grounds of loss of profit or otherwise, or refund any money paid by the Exhibitor in respect of such cancellation.

  • Everyone entering the showgrounds is required to have a valid scannable single use

gate pass and will be scanned at the gate upon entry.

Gate Passes are valid for either Saturday or Sunday.

  • As a trader you will be allocated 4 gate passes (valid for either Saturday or Sunday) at

nil cost and additional gate passes can be purchased at $10 per person per ticket.

  • Total amount of gate passes can be ordered when submitting application form and will

be invoiced.



  • No refunds after Monday, February 19th, 2024.
  • Exhibitors must demonstrate a positive approach towards the public, each other and to the Berwick Show Society Staff and Volunteers. Code of Conduct must be followed.
  • The Society reserves their right to refuse entry or close down any exhibitor site that does not comply with the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions of entry.
  • On arrival at the Showgrounds traders must contact the Trade Space Supervisor to be shown their site.
  • All queries or changes must be directed to the Berwick Show Trade Space Supervisor.
  • By being at the Berwick Show you will be in the running for our Trade Space Award – create an attractive site.



  1. ALL electrical equipment brought onsite including extension leads and power boards will have been tested and tagged within the last three months prior to Show weekend.
  2. No leads are to be left on the ground – they must all be above ground.
  3. Each mobile vehicle utilising LPGas has an Energy Safe Victoria compliance plate.
  4. Cylinders must not be located in a poorly ventilated area that would contain any gas leak.
  5. Cylinders are to be secured upright with cylinder reliefs facing away from structures and other cylinders.
  6. All chemicals are stored correctly.
  7. Non-compliance results in non-acceptance at the Berwick Show.
  8. If items do not comply with the Victorian OH&S Act, you may be closed down until any breaches of this Act are remedied.


Additional Information:


  • Representatives from Worksafe, Energy Safe Victoria and City of Casey Health Officers may visit during Show week and during the Show weekend.
  • An electrician will be attendance prior to and during the Show.
  • Berwick Show Society is affiliated with, or are members of:
    1. Victorian Agricultural Societies Ltd
    2. Central and South Gippsland Affiliated Show Society Inc
    3. Victorian Showmen’s Guild