District Garden Competition

Theme : Increase the Biomass

Square Meter Biomass Display and Project Berwick Show Goes Online Competitions 2021

Category 1) Existing Nature Strip Garden

Category 2) Square Metre Garden

Due to the inability of gardeners being able to bring their entries to the Akoonah Park Showgrounds this year, our judges are coming to you.

Category 1) Existing Nature Strip Garden Throughout the Casey and Cardinia Shires, a number of homeowners have planted their nature strips out to plants other than lawn.

To be acceptable for judging they must abide by Bylaw recommendations.

Cardinia_Shire_Council_Nature_Strip_Guidlelines_2017 (2).pdf

Closing dates :  First Round Closing Date :- May 1st 2021.  Second Round Closing date:-  November 1st 2021.

nature strip garden










Category 2) Square Metre Garden Simply a one metre area garden. Either built on the naturestrip, with access in the front lawn or in an existing front garden. It is preferable that the garden be 1m x 1m, the dimensions can be altered as long as the area is one square metre.

Type a) Flowering succulents

Type b) Natural grasses

Type c) novelty

Things to consider when planting out the metre square garden include : – As summer is upon us already the plants chosen by the exhibitor will need to be able to tolerate summer sun as expected this time of year. – A form of mulch would be advisable to retain moisture.

Square Metre Biomass Display and Project

A square metre garden not long after planting. Category 2 – Type C



Measure out the square metre using a tape measure, square edge and Pythagoras if you are up to it! 

The dimensions of the garden plot need to multiply out to equal one square metre

Think about how to increase the water retention ability of the soil.